Come to us with your current hotel.

Come to us with your current hotel reservations

To begin the Rebook process, you must first have hotel accommodations. Make your arrangements directly with the hotel, but be sure you are permitted to cancel your reservation. This is necessary in the event that you prefer your Rebook offer — and we’re quite confident you will.

We recommend that you first already have accommodations

Submit your request for an upgrade.

Submit your request for an upgrade

Find the destination you are looking to stay by selecting the state and market in which you are staying. If you do not find your market, send us a note and we will be sure to add those markets to the system. Once you have selected your market, you will see available hotels to which you can request bids from. You can select all or the specific hotels you want to bid on your stay.

Wait for Rebook to find you a better deal.

Wait for Rebook to find you a better deal

Once submitted, all you have to do is check your emails for the bids to roll in. Hang tight, a better price is on its way!

Confirm your Rebook offer.

Confirm your rebook offer

In order to accept a bid offer from a hotel, you can log into the MyRebook portal to view all bids from the hotels. If you like it, confirm your offer by making a deposit to your system and the hotel will contact you and confirm your reservation. It’s that easy!