The only platform that will allow you to negotiate rates one on one with individual guests without worrying about rate parity.

And when you’re sold out you’ll have access to a list of potential guests that will give you the opportunity to sell through those sold out days to really maximize your RevPar

Here is how we do it:

10% commission: no matter what.

Say good bye to paying upwards of 50% commission just to promote your property. We receive our fee from the guest(as a non refundable deposit). The net rate that you receive is paid to you directly. We don't keep your money, make you invoice us, and then require you to chase us down for your money.

No more loading rates and inventory:

No rates are published so no need to worry about rate parity between the OTA and your franchisor. These are negotiated rates. You negotiate directly with each traveler. You can drop your rate for multiple night stays or maximize your rate if you want to sell through a sold out date. And how about this, if you don't want to extend an offer you don't have to. You are never required to extend an offer. No commitments. No contracts.

Hotel Membership Options

Free Membership

For a limited time, Rebook Travel is offering membership to hotels free for one year. Your free membership allows you to place bids on 100 requests/mo. You will be able to see the bids and compete for the traveler to stay at your hotel.

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