Why isn’t there a list of hotels?

We don’t make contracts with specific hotels in order to give us the freedom to negotiate with as many as necessary.

Why aren’t the hotel rates listed?

We bid out each request individually so there is no way to know ahead of time how low the rate may go.

Why do we only give our email and not all of our contact and billing information?

We don’t need that information to submit requests to hotels. We want to give you additional confidence that you will not be charged until confirming the offer.

Why do we give the name of the hotel for our current reservation?

Our goal is to rebook you into better accommodations so we need a benchmark.

Why do we wait until 2 days before arrival to get an offer?

Based on our expertise, we know this is the best timeframe to get the best deal if rooms are available and it will still give you time to cancel your original reservation without penalty.

Do we have to accept the offer?

No, never.

Are we guaranteed an offer?

We wish we could say yes, but all offers are based on availability.

How are we charged?

Rebook charges you a non refundable deposit and that amount is deducted from your nightly rate at the hotel. The hotel then charges you based on its policies, usually at checkout.

Who gives us the confirmation?

Rebook Travel will send you the confirmation from the hotel.

If we need to cancel, who do we contact?

You would need to contact the hotel directly to cancel. Remember that your reservation is subject to each hotel’s cancellation policies.